Throughout these past four years of my life that my depression had been at it’s worst, I’ve always thought it was all because of me. I would think that it was my fault for being so down all the time, it was my own mind that made me feel so little and worthless. It’s crazy to see now that in the past couple of months that it wasn’t the case at all. In these past months I’ve realized that I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been. I tried figuring out what it was and I came to find that once I got rid of all the burdens and negativity that surrounded me in my life everything just fell into place. At the time I never saw the effects that certain people had on me and how they impacted my life. I decided to let go of certain people in my life, some more difficult than others, and it has changed me for the better. I’m able to focus on making myself happy based on actions and decisions that I want to make on my own. I don’t have the poisonous negative-minded people in my life anymore and I feel that it’s something everyone should let go of. I am happy, I made myself happy all on my own. I figured it out that life isn’t based on others making you happy, it’s about loving yourself and not depending on others to have control on your emotions. I was at my lowest point to where I was ready to just give up and let everything go, but sticking through it day by day and focusing on myself I can see now that I am the best that I make myself up to be. I’ve changed who I was in the past months, but it has been for the better. I feel like I don’t have to explain myself to others so they could see how happy I am, because it’s my life, my business and no ones opinion matters or has an affect on my happiness. If someone tries to throw any negativity into my life, I definitely don’t need any part of it. I’ve learned to not care about what others think about my life and I feel like others care too much of what others have to say; they critique about others life’s too often and frankly that is none of their business. People need to understand that fucking with other’s happiness is the worst possible thing to do. Some people can’t see how much it means for someone to be as happy as they are in that moment in time. Being someone who knows a lot about being hurt, coming from a very dark place, to finally finding happiness and being able to love myself I have nothing but happiness and love for anyone else’s happiness. Life is good, negativity is not something that is needed and should not be brought upon to anyone’s lives especially by others.